We are all doctors now…

Okay so I have a brand new 4 month old daughter and to say I’m a paranoid parent would be an understatement. Last night she had a really bad cough so much so it woke her up and she couldn’t breath. I was straight on the phone to the NHS 111 service. WHAT A FUCKING JOKE I spoke to 3 people before I got to seem someone, and some of the questions they asked me were bloody stupid and pointless and frankly I would need to be qualified to answer as I pointed out to the first lady who was ticking off questions on her script, how can I answer that I’m not a bloody doctor.

It dawns on me that they want us to now help them diagnose our own ailments but sorry when it comes to a 4 month old baby and you say she is having trouble breathing does it really matter if she is bleeding from her bum, call the blue flashy fucking lights and get it sorted don’t keep me hanging on the phone for an hour discussing what it might be 3 fucking times.

Seriously what the hell do we pay for now next time straight to A & E and skip the phone call diagnosis by tick sheet.

Who really cares?

Does anyone really give a shit about these wordpress blogs or any blog for that matter I mean who really takes the time to sit and rival through all the dross to find something worth while?
I don’t expect anyone to ever find or read this but if they do bonus other wise this is just an outlet for my often random musings and ideas essentially somewhere for me to rant and kick off.

But really at the end of the day other than the writer who cares about blogs?!